Our Values

Our values describe the characteristics of Soil & Rock Consultants and they represent the key aspects of our company culture. They define who we are as an organisation and what makes us unique. By operating in accordance with our values we are:

1. Practical

  • We provide the highest quality, reliable and ‘well-grounded solutions’ to all party’s that deal with Soil & Rock

2. Respect

  • We understand and encourage differences in thinking and ideas by all, leading to innovative solutions to further enhance our quality delivery to our clients and staff

3. Enthusiasm

  • We assume positive intent at all times and are passionate about Soil & Rock and the people and clients we engage with

4. Independent and ambitious

  • We foster an environment for independence in decision making creating a strong desire to achieve exceptional results

5. Pride

  • We have a feeling of great satisfaction created from our own individual and shared company results and seeing the quality of our efforts recognised internally and externally