On-site Wastewater Treatment & Dispersal

On-site wastewater treatment & dispersal systems typically provide treatment of wastewater products that are produced and subsequently treated and disposed of within the same property.

Soil & Rock Consultants wastewater treatment and dispersal design team provide site-specific solutions for your on-site wastewater project. Our designs range from domestic systems to Schools, Church, Marae & campground installations.

Soil & Rock Consultants have expertise where sites are difficult. We have an enviable track record with Resource Consent applications where proposals are outside ‘Permitted Activity’ criteria. Our designs comply with the Auckland Council Unitary Plan, TP58 and National Standards.

Our qualified team of engineers provide the following services;

  • Preparation of an on-site wastewater treatment & dispersal design/assessment report
  • Preparation of a dispersal network design to suit the site and practical installation
  • Assessment of environmental effects
  • Preparation of Resource Consent applications for complex situations