Engineering Geology

Soil & Rock Consultants engineering geologists prepare and use geologic and geomorphologic mapping, aerial photograph interpretation, rock face assessments and various other investigative methods to develop a geological or geotechnical model of a site.  Our engineering geologists work closely with our geotechnical engineers to analyse and form recommendations relating to a specific hazard or development proposal.

Work commonly carried out by our engineering geologists includes:  mapping of rock defects and analysis of rock mass properties, rockfall analysis and design input for rockfall mitigation and assessment of natural hazards for land development.  Our dedicated engineering geologists are often found dangling from abseiling equipment, or near a drilling rig getting their hands dirty!

Our qualified engineers and geologists provide the following services;

  • Assessment of geologic and geotechnical hazards including remediation solutions for natural and man induced hazards 
  • Engineering geologic and geomorphologic mapping
  • Landslide and slope stability
  • Erosion, flooding, dewatering, runoff assessments
  • Rock face and defect mapping
  • Cliff stability studies
  • Hydrogeological studies
  • Seismic investigations and liquefaction assessments