Field Investigations

Soil & Rock Consultants field investigations are performed by our specialist field staff and the site specific results are analysed by our qualified and experienced geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists. We obtain in-situ information on the physical properties of soil and rock and collect samples for laboratory testing to provide geotechnical design recommendations for earthworks and various types of structures.

All our sites have a site specific health and safety plan, field brief and scope and our team of professionals carry out a range of testing methods to gather data including:

  • Hand auger drilling
  • Scala penetrometer testing
  • Cross sections and GPS surveying
  • Logging of machine drilled rotary core boreholes
  • Logging of machine drilled percussion boreholes
  • Logging of machine excavated test pits
  • Geomorphologic mapping
  • Laboratory testing
  • Clegg hammer testing
  • Nuclear densometer testing
  • Soil contamination sampling
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Cone penetrometer test (CPT)
  • Shear vane testing