Soil & Rock Consultants have carried out a variety of projects for commercial, public works, land development and residential markets. Having been in business for 27-years there is no pocket of Auckland we haven’t seen.

Our Christchurch Office have carried out a number of Christchurch rebuild works in the Canterbury region for TC1, TC2 and TC3 sites. For sites prone to liquefaction we carry out liquefaction analysis as part of the geotechnical reporting.

We have also carried out work in many other regions in New Zealand.


We offer engineering expertise through all stages of the project: field investigation, computer analysis, interpretation and design, construction inspections and certification.

Professional services typically covered by our services include:

  • Foundation Investigations and design
  • Slope stability studies
  • Design of reinforced earth and ground support structures using specialist software
  • Forensic geotechnical investigations
  • Peer Reviews
  • Design of slip remedial measures
  • Liquefaction analysis
  • Earth dam design and inspections for Certificate of fitness
  • Nuclear Densometer, point load and Shrink-Swell testing
  • Monitoring of earthworks and preparation of earthworks completion reports
  • Inspections and certification during construction

Check out our latest projects for examples of our work;