Stormwater & Hydrology

Soil & Rock Consultants stormwater & hydrology team offers stormwater management services including stormwater disposal via on-site soakage, detention/retention specification and off-site discharge to public reticulated stormwater systems or watercourses. Soil & Rock Consultants can also provide stormwater neutrality assessments for rural countryside living areas.

Excessive stormwater become runoff flows via overland flow path and can cause flooding that can have potential risk and/or impact to the surrounding environment. Stormwater comes from rain collected in roofed or paved areas and runoff from rainfall exceeding the soil capacity to absorb water.

Our experienced team also offers services relating to overland flow path assessment, mitigation and diversion, as well as flood modelling and impact assessment.

Works completed by our experienced personnel include but are not limited to;

  • On-site stormwater soakage investigation
  • Assessment of soakage capacity
  • Off-site Stormwater Management¬†
  • Flood level modelling & diversion¬†
  • Overland flow path mitigation & diversion
  • Stormwater/Hydraulic neutrality reporting