Geotechnical Design

Soil & Rock Consultants geotechnical design team consists of highly experienced Geotechnical Engineers who play a vital role in the early planning and design stages of a project. Construction inspections, performance monitoring and a hands-on approach are equally important for the successful completion and engineering sign-off of the projects we work on. Our key focus is on the design of earth retaining structures, ground improvement techniques and slope engineering fields of practice, with the in-house capability and expertise to design anything from small through to large scale commercial and infrastructure projects.

Our qualified engineers and geologists provide the following services;

  • Timber pole / barrier pile retaining wall design 
  • Mechanically stabilised earth (MSE) wall design 
  • Soil nailing design
  • Rock slopes support and rock fall barriers design
  • Ground improvement methods design 
  • Reinforced embankments design
  • Peer review of design
  • Wetland / pond design
  • Groundwater control methods design

We own a complete suite of analytical tools that allow detailed design and preparation of construction drawings in a timely manner. We use the latest specialist software packages available in the market to perform routine, conventional geotechnical analysis but also numerical / finite element analysis should this be required for projects of increased complexity. Indicative software packages that we use include PLAXIS 2D (Static & Dynamic), SLIDE, WALLAP, MSEW, Phase2, Settle3D, CPeT-IT, CLiq, Rocfall and MODFLOW.

Our design team are fully versed in using the software having attended advanced courses in computational geotechnics and Soil Dynamics and Soil Engineering.

Disclaimer: We provided the geotechnical input for the above retaining wall but were not involved in the geotechnical design.