Slope Stability

Soil & Rock Consultants carry out analysis of slope stability for various purposes.  These include assessing the risk of slope movement for proposed or existing building platforms and carrying out forensic analysis on slopes that have already experienced either recent or historic instability.

Common forms of slope instability are often described as landslides, land slips, slumps and debris flows.

The results of slope stability analyses can be used to provide design recommendations to help ensure that an existing or proposed development is not subject to risk of damage due to slope movement.  Where slope instability has occurred or is expected to occur that affects an existing or proposed structure, we will use the results of our analysis to formulate geotechnical design recommendations to assist with mitigation of the risk, and repair hughes air co tempe of any damage.

Where necessary our services can extend to design of slope stabilising measures such as in-ground retaining, soil nailing and sub-surface drainage.  We also carry out observation of construction and provide geotechnical certification for works we have investigated, designed and observed during construction.

Our qualified geologists and engineers provide the following services;

  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of slope stability. Quantitative analysis involves the use of specialised computer software
  • Computer based modelling of remedial measures to decrease or mitigate the risk of instability
  • Providing detailed design recommendations for remedial works
  • Geotechnical design of stabilising structures
  • Certification of slope stabilising measures