Working at Soil & Rock Consultants

Our ability to achieve our leading edge vision is totally dependent on our people.  Our focus is to develop our people and concentrate on their skills and career progression to achieve our shared vision.

To achieve the best results we must recruit the best people.  But we also ensure that once our people are on board they are continually challenged and take responsibility for satisfying and developing their own ambitions.

Not only do we have a great team of people to work with, we have other benefits which make us stand out from the rest;

  • We are energetic and friendly – We give a damn
  • We are a large team, there is depth of experience in each service line
  • Our team structure means there is always someone who knows about the job
  • We roll up our sleeves and get amongst it – The Directors’ are also hands on.
  • We have very experienced directors and senior engineers who provide quality and consistent supervision
  • We are well established in the market
  • You are not a number – We care about our people, their careers and progression